Monday, September 14, 2009


This is what i think what happened in reference to michael Jackson's death. I think he was under so much pressure, pressure beyond what a 9-5 person is able to dig out of. He was in so much pressure to perform, to satisfy his family, friends, not to mention satisfying contracts, and of course satisfying his fans. These commitments did not leave creative time. But most importantly they did not leave much time for a complete and healthy sleep. I think what what happened after many decades of this routine it all became too much for one human-being to handle! Judgement became off kilter, which can lead to a mental breakdown allowing the wrong people to enter into his private domain; to enter into a place where his heart & soul should be at rest, i.e., Doctors who misbehave. When the average person, myself included, not only meets, but comes in close contact with someone as famous as MJ one can loose their point of reference. In other words they can loose their value & moral aptitudes. In this girl's-opinion, they did not see Michael Jackson as a human-being. They saw MJ as a object. An object of value for them. They, me NOT included- thought of MJ as an expensive arm piece to exploit their own EGOs. They viewed MJ as a "hype" for their business, a place to play, a settlement owed by the Gods to them for THEM being great. When this type of person is searching for this kind of score to BE settled, no-one wins. Michael sure didn't. And now his follower will receive the same misfortune. For to challenge a Power that is followed only by FAITH; no one person can win; for these followers have been walking by FAITH, not by SIGHT for millions of years.
So this, his, punishment will come soon and will be swift. If this punishment does not from our justice system or from the many people who found Michael Jackson more than what he was and from those who are able to move beyond MJs faults, failures and insecurities, his punishment will come from a place he has held sacred all his life: his own mind. For to take from this earth such a person of Michael's abilities [in abilities I mean his ability to connect all people from many, many walks of life -if only for a moment- is a most astonishing ability only few have had owned and live up to.

Yes Michael Jackson may have caused his own death, but without the assistance of one who made it their career to save lives, he might have stayed with us a little bit longer.

Long Live the King of POP!

. . . and that's what I think it happened.